SEO Audit

Get to know your website better with our One Day Intensive SEO Audit

Is your website involved in e-commerce?

Do you run a bricks and mortar business in combination with a website?

Are you involved in the B2B space or are you a news or blogging platform? All these websites are underpinned by the need to be structured in an SEO friendly way.

Do you ask the question, why isn’t my site getting more visitors. Why isn’t it getting more organic traffic? What is wrong with my site?

Give us one day and we will do a rigorous SEO audit of your website to give you as much SEO and digital marketing advice we possibly can to help you find the answers to questions you have.

Intensive One Day SEO Audit Price

So much to be gained for your business

This is a hard and fast solution to give you as much SEO value as we can in the time given. Our SEO Audit is delivered in a excel spreadsheet and will highlight areas of interest that that will improve your website's visibility and deliver the biggest changes to your business.

An actionable data dump of SEO insights that can be used to upgrade your site straight away. Recommendations that can be implemented by the DC Digitas team or equally by your own internal team should they have the relevant understanding on how to action and implement the changes.

Once finished we go over all the findings from the one day intensive seo review on a discovery call that will be recorded and delivered to you as part of the offer. This enables you to reference the discussion with our recommendations in the for future reference.

This is something that works really well for our clients as it gives them a high level of understanding of what issues are affecting their sites and what to do next. This SEO Review process is a strategic roadmap for what are the next steps.

Got SEO Questions, let us give you SEO answers.